CHIPS and Science Crazy Joe BLM sued by BLM

Apple Vulnerability Drug Data dump TikTok terms 

Episode 38: Word Salad!

Ban on Simi Auto We are still bombing Yemen IRobot sells out

Shooters thwarted Chappell canceled again Social stocks dropping

Episode 36: SPY-TOK!

Go woke go broke Kroger PC move Tik Tok is spyware duh!

Episode 35: SHTF

Twerking Senators WAPO says stop complaining about inflation When will the SHTF

Episode 34: Cryptocrash!

Crash Coin No m855 for you DEF

WEF wants you to play Games and take Drugs VmWare to the chicoms

Canada halts Chinese tech. Robots Make Chips - Tortilla! Bots of Twitter! Say it isn't so. 

Starlink Roaming Report Twitter Bots Crush Deal Back from VA-CA

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